Dentistry… what can I say about the dentist?  I can say that I hate the dentist.  That no matter what happens, I always have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket because my teeth are so bad. It’s not that I dont brush them… I brush them every day (bad breath is horrible… dont let it get you) but most of my problems stem from my previous military dental work.  Now, mind you, it’s all 20+ years old so not only is it old work, it’s old techniques.  It would probably all need to be redone anyway regardless of military work or not.

My mouth is mostly filled with crowns.  11 of my teeth have crowns on them.  Sheesh…  ah well, better than the alternative of missing teeth…

And that brings me to the present.  My bottom right canine (owwwwwwww) teeth got infected and needed to be worked on.  Of course, it needed a crown. (Maybe my dentist really likes crowns..)  And of course it’s not just a simple crown, I have to have a crown lengthening.  I HATE the crown lengthening procedure where they have to cut away your gum to expose more tooth.  I especially hate it now because I think I got an infection from the procedure and have to go back in this afternoon to have them look at it and see what is going on with my swollen saliva gland under my tongue.  Of course, this all comes after all the time off I have taken and I will need more time off in the future.  When it rains it pours.

ANyway, it’s now 10:00 and I leave here at 2:00 for my 3:00 appointment…  5 hours till I get looked at because I want to meet with Eddie.  We have been missing each other every time we want to meet and this mentorship is not going to work if we never meet.

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