Hello World!


Gotta start somewhere…  Nothing better than the classic Hello World (code monkey to the rescue!)

10 print “Hello World”
20 goto 10
30 win a million dollars

This is where the hard part comes in… trying to find something interesting to write about.  I never seem to be able to find something to write about event hough I should be able to find a TON of material.  I’ve lived an interesting life.  I’ve served proudly in the USMC, I’ve spent the past 20 years in this Society for Creative Anachronism, I ride a motorcycle, I’m planning on moving to NZ in a 2 years (visiting next year), I’ve been to burning man and am going back again this year (40 days!!!!), I’ve been fighting depression and anxiety for a very short time (6 months to a year), I am married to my soul mate and have an amazing son.  My life is pretty spectacular…  so why cant I find a subject that interests me enough to write about?

Maybe because all I can think about is my muscles and how sore they are from my meds and how all I want to do is curl up and go to sleep.  Not to escape but because thats really the only time my legs are comfortable.  I think it has to do with the Lexipro that they added to my medication regime.  Stretching helps a lot so I should really do more of that.  But the side effects are soooo much easier to deal with than they were before the Lexipro because at least with the new meds I am generally happy :-)

I recently went on a couple weeks of disability to try and get my anxiety under control and I think I was mostly successful.  I was really glad to be back at work though.  I do really enjoy my work and being at home for 3 weeks, while nice and relaxing, was harder than I thought it would be.  I enjoy the camaraderie that exists here at my job.  I enjoy being a productive member of a team.  I think that this is what made it harder to deal with my depression because I didnt want to be friends with anyone and I was anything BUT productive.  Things are much better now.

Not bad for a post that started out with nothing to say :-)

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