Games #1

I’m not sure when or where I became obsessed with collecting every single game that looks cool whether or not I believe I will ever play it. I *WANT* to play ALL my games but realistically I don’t think I will ever play half of them simply because they are so complicated and I don’t have a hardcore gaming group that a lot of the games require.  I think there are some that I have that are borderline (Myth, Zombicide, Space Hulk) but then there are others that mostly fall into the 4x category (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) that I dont think will ever see the light of day (Robotech, Hegemonic, Warhammer 40k) as much as I would love them to.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I have TONS of other games that we play on a weekly basis and we have a blast doing that.  This week we played Story War, a party game where you make up a story based on cards you play to describe how your team would beat the other team.  Pretty fun but ruthless in a competitive group…  Last week we played Dungeon Roll, a dice only game that I think we played completely wrong.  It seems like there is supposed to be more structure to the game and what we played was very unstructured and easy…  I think we did something wrong.

Then, yesterday I go and buy two more games… Epic Spell Wars: Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt Skullzfyre and Forbidden Island.

eswbwdms                        forbidden

Both look fun and Sarah (work friend) recommended the second one but did I really need two more games?  Especially when things are a little tight because of the time I had to take off work with no pay.  Ah well, whats done is done.  Fun will be had regardless of the immediate minor pain.

My gaming shelves now boast 156 games…  holy smokes!  When did that happen?  and I still have several on the way from various Kickstarter campaigns.  At least they are fun…  hahahaha